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At this page you can see all demos from all groups that Kjer, Bagder and Zagor were members in - that is Confusing Solution (Consol), SuperSwapSweden (SSS) and Horizon (Hz).
1987-12-19Consol-AnimaxDownloadShow pics
Released at a copy party in Huddinge (the first we attended). Not part of the competition.
1988-02-02?CS-Running demoDownloadShow pics
The main part has a lot of ripped figures from games running over the screen.
1988-03-09Consol-Oh shitDownloadShow pics
The demo was supposed to be released at a party with Thundercats in Uppsala. But the party was canceled and the demo released a week later although. The picture shows two scrollers twisting around each other (one sprite scroll and one D011-char scroll)
1988-03-12?CS+SSS-Hell_no!DownloadShow pics
Kjer, Bagder and Zagor joined Super Swap Sweden at a party by Thundercats. This demo is the last of Consol
1988-03-14Kjer's sinus ballsDownloadShow pics
A little program that helped us making sprites moving around on the screen.
1988-04-07SSS-It's movingDownloadShow pics
Released at Silents copy party in Alvesta. It came second place
1988-05-01SSS-World recordDownloadShow pics
69248 chars in one single scroller. That was the record at that time. Very funny text written at the Alvesta party April 1988.
1988-05-01?SSS-ContributionDownloadShow pics
The winner at the Agile party in Tyresö. Spring 1988.
1988-06-01Sssinus Maker v4.0DownloadShow pics
A cool utility by Bagder that makes you do groovy sinus movements – so call Sanke Sinus.
1988-06-19SSS-LamedemoDownloadShow pics
Kjer and Bagder had some old parts that were never to be part of a real demo. We put them together in what we called a "lame demo".
1988-06-19SSS-TC-eciDownloadShow pics
SSS and Thundercats invention called ECI: “Extended Colours with Interlace”. Up to 120 different colours were possible to make.
1988-06-19SSS-Why thinkDownloadShow pics
A demo coded at Natas place.
1988-08-01?SSS-PumpitupDownloadShow pics
By Levithan and Sanke 3003.
1988-09-14Hz-Lets discoDownloadShow pics
Our first disk demo became a two disk side demo instead.
1988-10-10Hz+Triad-SplitDownloadShow pics
A split where Sony/Triad could use the upper half of the screen, and Mastermind/Hz could use the lower half.
1988-11-06Hz+MDT-BonanzaDownloadShow pics
Done by Exilon and Boogaloo of Microsystems Digital Technology (MDT) at the Alvesta party 1988-11-06. It came second place in the competition, and Boogaloo and Exilon joined Horizon two months later. Contains only three parts, but three astonished parts.
1988-11-06Hz-Love this nowDownloadShow pics
First place at the party of Alvesta 1988-11-06.
1988-12-12Hz-BeatableDownloadShow pics
Horizon’s contribution to Triangles “demo of 1988” contest. It placed second. Only one demopart was allowed, so Mastermind and Kjer integrated four parts/effects into one with a smooth change. The DYCP and star animation is not in pictures.
1988-12-16Hz-The winnerDownloadShow pics
A silly break-out game by Kjer. It won a code contest for Datormagazin as the shortest and most playable basic game of all the participants. Quite a compact code…
1989-02-15Hz-BountyhunterDownloadShow pics
Mainly coded at our 1988-89 new year copy party in Huddinge.
1989-04-03Hz-Looking GoodDownloadShow pics
Released in Slagelse/Denmark at Ikaros party. The demo got desqualified in the competition of some reason - but it is still good.
1989-05-02?Hz-DollypartyDownloadShow pics
A disc demo that won the competition at the party in Eskilstuna held by Horizon and Equinoxe.
1989-12-30Hz-XpertelligenceDownloadShow pics
Released at the Randers party in Denmark. It came at fourth place in the demo competition and is only coded by Kjer, and contains several parts linked together with hyper smooth changes.
1989-?Hz - Code is an artDownloadShow pics
Made for the swedish TV-show "Bit för bit". No pictures dumped yet...
1989?Hz-Hacker monitorDownloadShow pics
Not a demo, but a silly program that helps you translate normal text into hacker style language. Done by Bagder, Boogaloo and Bappalander.
1989?Hz-Lyrix-monitorDownloadShow pics
Do you want some text to your music, then use Lyrics Mon by Bagder and Boogaloo.
1990-04-16Hz-Snake or dieDownloadShow pics
Released at our large party in Vårby/Sweden, but not part of the competition.
1990-10-03Hz-AloosDownloadShow pics
“A load of old shit”. Lots of great routins like a FLI-hires scroll, great singel colour graphics, good music, stretching graphics and so on.
1991-01-01Hz-BiltandborsteDownloadShow pics
Two file demo (cartoothbrush is second part) coded by Kjer. Released at a meeting in Huddinge during new years eve.
1992-06-29Hz-Last Traktor 3DownloadShow pics
The winner at Hurrican/Brutal party in Samsö. The last C64 demo of Horizon of our active period - and ofcourse better than ever...
2005-08-06Hz+Instinct+Triad SphaeristeriumDownloadShow pics
Winner of the party in Linköping. Pernod found his computer again and made some code. No pictures available yet.
2006-10-15Hz+Instinct-TheWildBunch.zipDownloadShow pics
Winner of the party in X'2006 in Netherlands. Pernod and his brother used the computer again. No pictures available yet.
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