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Hz-Snake or die

Release date:1990-04-16   Download Hz-Snake or die.d64
Released at our large party in Vårby/Sweden, but not part of the competition.

Demo file #1

screen dump

Demo file #2

screen dump
The picture is bouncing in the sideborder as well as the Horizon. Coding by Mastermind.
screen dump
The Tutanchamon is moving around. Coding by Mastermind.

Demo file #3

screen dump
Twistin charset in the scroll below. Coding by Kjer.

Demo file #4

screen dump
Waving "PARTY" by Bagder.
screen dump
Multplex by Rush.

Demo file #5

screen dump
Moving FLI picture by Judge.
screen dump
Calculated animation of the logo. Coding by Kjer.
screen dump
Same part as above, but other animation.
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