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Release date:1990-10-03   Download Hz-Aloos.d64
“A load of old shit”. Lots of great routins like a FLI-hires scroll, great singel colour graphics, good music, stretching graphics and so on.

Demo file #1

screen dump
screen dump
An animated box with a Hz-logo at each side (calculated at start) by Kjer.

Demo file #2

screen dump
A fruchtschleckies DYSP by Bagder.

Demo file #3

screen dump
A DYSP in sideborders with a waving logo. Coding by Mastermind and layout of Boogaloo and Exilon.

Demo file #4

screen dump
An moving FLI-picture by Boogaloo and Exilon. The logo above is a single color picture by Pernod.

Demo file #5

screen dump
A splitting logo with color bar splits between. Coded and drawn by Judge.

Demo file #6

screen dump
Sidewise moving logos by Pernod.

Demo file #7

screen dump
Kjer made a DYSP and a splitting logo. The background of the scroller is moving independant of the text.
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